Rabbi D’vorah Rose

One of my great joys is to explore religious and spiritual traditions.  I am fascinated by their similarities and novelties; by the ways in which these traditions engage with each other; and how one tradition can help illuminate meaning in another.  Religion and spirituality have such deep (and in many instances, meaningful) impact on so many individuals, communities and nations that without examining these effects we miss recognizing a significant factor that influences our lives, experiences and perspectives.

Welcome to my website, and I hope you find the information, ideas, and resources useful and stimulating.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Current Projects

  • I am consulting with a variety of religious communities on the development of visiting-the-sick programs and volunteer training.  The initial programs are now active and I am expanding this work to other communities.
  • I have been invited to prepare for publication articles and book chapters on spirituality and health.  Current projects include:
    • Case Study:  Introducing A New Multicultural Spiritual Assessment Tool (book chapter)
    • Hanukkah at the Hospital,  a children’s story about visiting the sick (book chapter)
    • Intersections:  A Guide to Working with LGBTQI University Students of Minority Religions or Cultures (book chapter)  The guidelines and pastoral care assessment tools are now being used at Stanford University and Stanford University Student Counseling Center.
    •  “Query:  Do Chaplains from Different Religions Practice Spiritual Assessment Differently?” (journal article)
    • Addressing the Economics of Spiritual Care in the Healthcare Setting” (journal article)
  • I am teaching members of a local interfaith residential facility how to care for their own spiritual and religious needs.  Upcoming events:  Monthly interfaith study groups
  • Contributing blogger:  JewishSacredAging.comInterfaithFamily.com,feminismandreligion.com

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